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Name: Sword Bearer

TimeZone: Central

Type: Reploid (300 HP)
Time: 21XX (Mega Man X)
Current EXP: 800

Recharged by Energy attacks (20 pts)
Mechanical Aptitude (1 pt)
Computer Aptitude (1 pt)
Sixth Sense (2 pts)
New Sence (2 pts): Energy Sence - He can sence energy in any amounts around him... even use it to read radio signals.
Blade Master (3 pts.) - He may use bladed weapons in a superior fasionallowing him to use special techniques.
Blacksmith (1 pt)

Disadvantages: Overconfident (1 pt)
Weapon 1: Vortex Saber - The blade is made from a space-time disturbance.
Attack: Sword Techniques (depends on attack, usually around 40 AP)
Counter: Sword Techniques
Counter: Vortex - The saber can be used to cut through space from one point to another.
Weapon 2: Twin Elemental Swords - These blades can each have a blade representing a different element which can be changed.
Attack: Elemental Blade Sword Techniques (depends on attack, averages 46 AP)
Attack: Opposite Elements - Both Swords used at once with opposite elements. (averages 59 AP)
Counter: Parry long range attacks
Weapon 3: Anti-Sword - This sword absorbs energy and uses it to attack.
Attack: Anti-Blade - Has a blade made of force-controlled anitmatter. Explosive! (46 AP)
Attack: Blast Wave - Fires anti-energy made from what ithas absorbed. (31 AP)
Counter: Absorb Energy - Can absorb elemental or plasma shots into the Blade.
Weapon 4: PsiSword - A two-handed broadsword with a blade made of solid psi energy.
Attack: Telekinetic Blade (51 AP)
Counter: May simulate mental abilities- telekinesis, telepathy, empathy, Asteral projection, blocks all psi attacks.

Ability 1: Summon - He can teleport his blades to himself at any time. He can charge it to control remotely all blades in his area.
Ability 2: Blade Fury - He attacks with hyper speed. He sometimes combines this with throwing swords and the Summon ability for a long range attack.

Special: Sword Forger - After defeating an enemy, he can design a sword based on the enemy's weapon in an internal area.

Bearer is almost universally brown, with his sword belts a lighter color. His eyes are red along with the blue crystal-like formation around his legs.
History: Sword Bearer was origionally a maverick... but he went "rogue" (as he calls it). He has worked on his own for some time, working as a bodyguard for those willing to pay his price. After successfully defending his charges during the next three maverick revolts, he's made quite a living. When he heard about the time travel situation through his contacts in the Hunters, he joined up.