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Name: Delphin15
TimeZone: EST
Type: Reploid (300 HP)
Time: 21XX
Advantages: invulnerable to water (10 pts.)
sixth sense (2 pts.)
medical aptitude (1 pt.)
Disadvantages: vulnerable to fire (10 pts.)
absent minded (3 pts.)
Weapon 1: Beam sabre - Slash target (49 AP). Deflect non elemental projectiles (counter missiles, etc. or slash attack).
Weapon 2: Aqua buster- Shoots a highly pressurized stream of water (19 AP). Deflect non electric projectile (just what it says). Weapon 3: Magnet mine - Fires a mine (34 AP on exploding, attracted to Reploids, cyborgs, or robots). Destroy non elemental projectile (counter missile, etc.) Weapon 4: Energy fist- Punch (49 AP). Deflect electrical or plasma projectile (counter electric or plasma shot)
Ability 1: Telepathy - Speak through minds.
Ablity 2: Elemental armor - Armor can change color and deflect elemental attacks
Special: Auto repair - 5 HP per minute
Description: (see sprite above)
History: Created by Dr.Cain because of all the water vulnerable mavericks