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Character Name: Jordus
TimeZone: AUEST (+10 Greenwich)
Type: Cyborg
HP: 900
Time: 21XX
Advantages: Computer Aptitude (1 pt.)
Mechanical Aptitude (1 pt.) Medical Aptitude (1 pt.) Reputation (3 pts.) archaeology* (2 pts.)
*This is the ability to look at something foreign and decipher its meaning or what it does.
Disadvantages: Phobia: Letting those who need him down again (1 pt.)
Vengeance: Maverick known only as "Avatar" (2 pts.)
Hatred: Avatar (2 pts.)
Weapon 1: Assaulter Cannon mk-VII: Jordus' main weapon. Like a chain-gun with an X-buster type round. Fires 6 times every second
Attacks: nothing special. just pull trigger. (each bullet 14 AP, average damage 84 AP)
Counter: destroy incoming missile i suppose. (destroy solid projectile)
Weapon 2: Electro Armour: Jordus' armour just delivers a high voltage electro shock to those that touch it.
Attacks: Jordus needs to touch the target to deliver the shock (49 AP)
Counters: Electronic devices are short circuited. (ie:detonators,locks,cpu,) (destroy electrical equipment, NOT Reploids or cyborgs); Missiles and grenades with electronic detonators will only hurt jordus with the impact not the explosion (reduce damage from explosive attack)
NOTE:this is not on all the time but only when jordus wants it to be on
Weapon 3: Mega-Piston: Hand turns into large piston which can punch straight through steel (destroy steel wall, 39 AP). May be used in combination with electro armour (74 AP).
Attacks: Piston extends on a pole about 1.5 metres long (added range).
Counters: Whacking an incoming object away (counter non-explosive solid projectile)
Weapon 4: Melta Cannon: Super heats the air to several hundred degrees, like a long range microwave.
Attacks: Obvious one (49 AP, hits all in area)
Counter: Will melt most missiles and grenades (counter most missiles or grenades). Heating of the air will defract lasers and the like (counter plasma or laser attack)
Ability 1: Learning - If he sees something done enough he will know how its done. His systems then check to see if it can come up with some thing similar. I it cant then jordus knows what component are needed to emulate the action. Ability 2: Communication: Can send and receive any sort of transmission. He can also intercept enemy transmissions and stop them there.
Special item: Graviton Charger: NOT an antigravity machine. Utilises gravity as a resource. Can crush things or move them. can be used like a jet pack or similar. Can create a wall of super gravity as a defensive maneuver.
Description: Helmet:white with an orange crystal on it.
Body:white offset by blue with orange screws.
6 foot tall. blue eyes. brown hair in a small pony tail.
has coils at elbows,knees,shoulders,hips and waist.
History: Was a human archaeologist. Discovered the long forgotton "Eddie's Workshop". Found at the site a robot known as "Auto"'s head. After accessing the information much of the mysteries about Mega Man were solved. He restored the workshop into a museum. This unfortuanatly was attacked by a Maverick group led by Avatar. Everyone was killed including Jordus. His brain was put into stasis by the last working security robot. The body that Jordus uses now was designed by Jordus completly. He then decided to help humanity by joining the Maverick Hunters.
Current exp.: 635