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Character Name: Light  
TimeZone: Eastern Standard Time 
Type: Reploid 
HP: 900 
Time: 21XX 
Advantages: invulnerability to water
higher purpose(find out who killed doc Light)
self confidense
Disadvantages: vulnerability to electricity
short fuse
Weapon 1: Viro cutter - Cuts things. (47 AP) When charged it has a virus. (implant virus into Reploid or cyborg, 52 AP on any)
Weapon 2: Shield - Can hit enemies with it. (37 AP) Blocks all attacks exept electrical. Weak to Sonics and Heat/fire (stop non-electric, non sonic, non heat/fire attacks)
Weapon 3: Elec whip - An electrically charged whip. Can short out enemies (temporarily paralyze Reploid or cyborg, 57 AP (62 AP on humans)) and absorb electricity or plasma (stop electric or plasma attack)
Weapon 4: Sonic blaster - Emits a really loud sonic wave. Damages inner workings of Reploids and cyborgs and knocks out humans. (42 AP, disorients Reploids and cyborgs, knocks out humans, hits all in area except Light) 
Ability 1: Telekenesis - Can push,pull and protect things from my mind
Ablity 2: Psiconics - can make lasers and energy from my mind (chargeable, max 75 AP) 
Special item: Baldy - A reploid eagle.  (100 HP) 
Weapon:  Ice ball:  Hurls a ball of ice at target.  (25 Ap)
Adaptation:  When using this adaptation he gets to control ice.
Special Ability: Can transform into a rock loosing all mobility. (defense and camaflage)
History=Megaman X's prototype and the first reploid. 
Current exp: 1230