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Character Name: Mega Bot
TimeZone: Eastern Standard Time
Type: Reploid
HP: 200
Time: 21XX
Advantages: Acute Sight
Computer Aptitude
Invulnerable to
Disadvantages: Overconfident
Hatred for all Mavericks
Vulnerable to electricity
Weapon 1: Concussion Lasers - Fired out of eyes. Damages enemies (27 AP)
Weapon 2: Fireball Punch - Short range weapons. Hit enemy with flaming metal fist (57 AP). Deflect non-explosive attack.
Weapon 3: Gravity Beam - Crush, push, or pull object.
Weapon 4: Drain Beam - Drains HP from target and adds HP to user (40 AP max)
Ability 1: Teleportation - self-explanatory
Ability 2: Super Speed - See above
Special item: Adaptor Suit - Allows for flight and a shield equipped with a particle beam. (beam hits worth 35 AP)
History: A modified service robot built by Dr. Cain, and converted to Reploid.
Current exp: 224