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Character Name: Mega Man
Type: Bioroid
Weapon 1: Mega Buster - Fires small balls of concentrated plasma (20 AP). Chargeable (5 AP per second, 75 AP max). Destroy non-elemental projectile.
Weapon 2: n/a
Weapon 3: n/a
Weapon 4: n/a
Ability 1: Teleportation - Can teleport long distances. Kept in helmet.
Ability 2: Weapon Copy - Can copy a robot or Reploid's main weapons simply by touching them.
Special item: Communicator - Can communicate with Dr. Light's lab from nearly infinite distances.
Description: At 4'3", Mega Man is a rather short robot clad in blue armor.
History: Mega Man was Dr. Light's second creation and his pride and joy, almost like a son to the good doctor. During an accident involving an attempted cloning process, Mega Man became a bioroid, a living, thinking robot.
Current exp.: n/a