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Character Name: Shadowstorm
TimeZone: Eastern Standard Time
Type: Reploid
HP: 1000
Time: 21XX
Advantages: Street Smarts -1 pt
reputation -3pts
computer aptitude -1 pt
mechanical aptitude -1 pt
Disadvantages: Hatred -3 pts
Vengence -2pts
Short Fuse -2pts
Weapon 1: Beamsaber- Cant beat the old standbys.
Attack:slashes an enemy. (25 AP)
Counter:destroys projectile attacks. (counter projectile)
Weapon 2: Modified Twin Plasma auto cannons- Ride in standby mode on back flip up to ready and fire continuasly at target.
Attack: Fires rounds of plasma fireballs. (each ball 5 AP)
Counter: Destroys ice, Incoming projectiles and some walls.
Weapon 3: mini Lockdown cannon- Fires lockdown ammo.
Attack: disrupts moterized anything and freezes them in their tracks (paralyze Reploid, robot, or cyborg)
Counters:disables all mechanical units for short period of time. (temporarily disable machines)
Weapon 4: Partical Projection Cannons- Mounted in his palms
Attack: fire high concentrations of gamma rays at target frying them like a microvave (cook weaker enemies to a crisp)
Counter: melts ice and dissolves some solids on contact (counter ice attack, melt ice wall, counter solid projectiles or walls)

Ability 1: Control Shadows: Can manipulate shadows to form whatever he wants to. Portals, daggers, and shields.
Ability 2: Concussion wave: Wave of concussive energy created when he claps his PPC's togeather when they are running at full power. (50 AP single target, decreases slightly with added targets)
Special item: Living armor: Not much is knowen about his armor all scans have proven inconclusve. Has been knowen to eat metal and make the wearer stronger.
History: He was created in 2000 as a genetic experiment gone wrong he was placed in suspended animation untill present when they finally scanned his brainwaves into a reploid body. Once he was fully powered up he found his armor was alive and he could control shadows
Current exp.: 1650