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Character Name: Speedblade
TimeZone: Eastern Standard Time
Type: Reploid
HP: 1050
Time: 21XX
Advantages: Acute sight
Code of Honor
Common Sense
Mechanical Aptitude
Invulnerable to fire
Disadvantages: Hydrophobia
Vulnerable to water
Vulnerable to ice
28 Weapon 1: Type-2900 Plasma Buster - Fires small balls of concentrated plasma (33 AP). Chargeable (5 AP per second, max 58 AP). Destroy non-elemental projectile (just what it says)
Weapon 2: Mirror Slasher - Can slash enemies (78 AP). Can absorb elemental or plasma projectile (stop elemental projectile) and fire back at 3/4 AP (mirror attack at 3/4 AP).
Weapon 3: Hyper Flash - Fires a bright flash of light. Freezes everything in area except for Speedblade (freeze all actions or projectiles). Blinds humans (blinds humans)
Weapon 4: Wave Burner - Fires a short-range burst of fire (68 AP). Melts ice.
Ability 1: Short-range teleportation - Can teleport distances within one mile.
Ability 2: Leg Morph - Can morph legs into anything he can think of. However, since speed is his main area, he keeps the Centaur style body most of the time.
Special item: Self-repair unit - Heals user over time (regain 2 HP each minute)
Description: Upper body - Based on the Enker plans found in Project Dreamfighter, except for the head, which is helmetless.
Lower body - Based on the Centaur Man plans found in Project Dreamfighter. Armor colored brown.
History: The first Reploid based on the plans found during Project Dreamfighter. Quickly excelled in fighting, and now leads the 46th Unit of Maverick Hunter.
Current exp.: 1710