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Character Name: Till
TimeZone: Eastern Standard Time
Type: Vampire
HP: 900
Time: 21XX
Advantages: Insensitive to Extreme Temperatures (2 pts.)
Regeneration (3 pts.)
Invulnerable to dark (10 pts.)
Disadvantages: Vulnerable to light (10 pts.)
Weapon 1: Sword - Basic steel sword. Slash enemies (47 AP). Counter slash attack or solid projectiles.
Weapon 2: Fire Lance - A beam lance that utilizes the power of fire. Slash enemies (67 AP). Counter slash attack, ice attack, or most solid projectiles.
Weapon 3: Freeze Ray - Fires a beam with the power of ice. Freezes enemies (37 AP, paralyze any). Counter projectile or fire attack.
Weapon 4: Cross Bow - Used to shoot fire elemental arrows. Shoot enemies (62 AP). Counter weaker projectiles or ice attack.
Ability 1: Flight - Pretty straightforward.
Ability 2: Blood Suck - Drain HP from humans or cyborgs and add to own. (5 HP per second, 50 HP max)
Special item:
Description: Till is tall, has brown eyes and brown hair, is rather young, and always wears black. His eyes turn red when mad, and he has the fangs characteristic of a vampire. Speaks with a slight German accent.
History: Was killed by a vampire a few years ago, and now is one. Was taught magic by a friend. Till was born is Germany, but his current residence is in England.
Current exp.: 45