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Name:  Turain X

Rank:  Ensign
TimeZone:  central
Current EXP: 600

Type:  Reploid (300 HP)
Time:  21XX (Mega Man X)

Advantages:  =Immune to Ice and heat

Disadvantages:  Vunerable to  electricity

Weapon 1:  Turian buster.
attack1:charged blast (20 AP)
attack2:frost blast (20 AP)
counter1:plasma shot-  Destroys incoming projectile
counter2:medium blast (25 AP)
Weapon 2:  T.axe
Attack:slice (35 AP)
Attack2:5 hit combo (45 AP)
Counter1:downward slice (35 AP)
counter2:rolling slice (40 AP)
counter3:axe barrage (50 AP)
Weapon 3: None
Weapon 4: None

Ability 1:  Teleportation
Ablity 2:  crystal regeneration:The speacial crystal in his forehead allows him to regenerate his body if it is not destroyed.

Special:  Frost force field generator(can only be used once per battle but it makes him invincible for three attacks.)

Description:  I'll send it to you.

History:  Turian is the third reploid in existance.he was created By dr.cossack.Dr.cossack created him as close as possible to X's plans,fearing the he would be the only one that could destroy X.
Hopefully this will never have to happen....