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Character's name:  X-Saviour

E-mail address:  n/a
Time Zone:  eastern

Cyborg (250 HP)
21XX (Mega Man X) 

Advantages: acute smell
street smarts
sixth sense
invulnerable to element electricity

Disadvantages: hatred

Weapon 1:
Jack Gun
attack: smashes ground in front of enemy and creates a 'ground' wave to throw a bunch of rocks in his direction hitting him. (44 AP)
Weapon 2:
Red Eye
attack: laser in eye that melts enemy's circuits (works on cyborg and reploid only) (destroys weaker machines, 44 AP to more powerful)
Weapon 3:
Super arm:
attack: retractible arm which trows a punch in the enemy's direction (54 AP)
Weapon 4:
counter: reflects all attacks

Special Abilities:
Ability 1: teleportation
Ability 2 (Reploids and Cyborgs only):brute force (+5 AP to physical attacks [already included in fist attack above]) 

Special Weapons:
remote mines- Explosives that can be detonated whenever the user wants to.


I was killed in my house along with my family. A man came from the future and brought my body to the future and turned me into a cyborg. As a cyborg I earned the name, X-Saviour! My mentor was
killed in a battle that I blame myself for. I later found out that the same people had killed my family and I. During my quest to violently kill these bastards I accidentally stumbled into an immense battle. I helped out the Maverick Hunters and they invited me to join their own quest. They promised that after this war was over that they would help me kill the bastards that murdered my family! And it begins...