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Character Name: Zero
TimeZone: n/a
Type: Reploid
HP: 1250
Time: 21XX
Advantages: n/a
Disadvantages: n/a
Weapon 1: Z-Sabre type Beam Sabre - Zero's native weapon. Slashes enemies (35 AP). Counters hand-held weapon attack (counter sword, spear, etc. attack)
Weapon 2: Z-Buster - Rebuilt into Zero after the ordeal with the Repliforce. Fires small balls of plasma (20 AP). Chargeable (5 AP per second, 70 AP max)
Weapon 3: n/a
Weapon 4: n/a
Ability 1: Teleportation - Can teleport over long distances instantaneously.
Ability 2: Weapon Copy - Can copy a robot or Reploid's main weapon just by touching them.
Special item: Acceleration Boots - Can travel at speeds up to five times as fast as walking or hover.
Description: Standing at 6'5", Zero is clad in crimson colored armor. Zero is known as a ferocious fighter to his fellow Hunters. Currently Commander of the 0 Class Special Unit.
History: Bass was converted into the awesome Hunter Zero after a deadly battle with Break Man concerning a theft of Dr. Light's plans of a certain long-haired crimson Reploid.
Current exp.: n/a