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Epsilon: Welcome to the M:TG area. This page was Omega's first attempt at HTML, and hasn't been updated in... well, I'll just say that he was still "DreamFighter," not Omega Hunter Z, when he last updated it. This page will be left up for nostalgic purposes only. See ya!

Welcome    to    my    Magic:    the    Gathering    page!

     As of now, I will only be able to deliver a top five best and worst list of Magic cards and a top two best combo list (in my opinion) due to 
lack of space.  I will update this lists weekly.  Soon, however, I will be 
able to deliver more topics, such as a Magic card list and current Magic news.

Top five cards:
5. Armageddon - Big cards are becoming popular. Cut off your 
    opponent's main mana sources with Armageddon.
4. Wrath of God - Creatures are also becoming a big part of 
    tourney decks.  Knock off your opponent's creatures with a 
    Wrath of God.
3. Time Walk - Any card that gives an extra turn is going to be on my 
    favorites list, especially one without any kind of disadvantage.
2. Hammer of Bogarden - A reusable Lightning Bolt? Gotta be near the 
1. Lotus Vale - Topping my list is the reusable Black Lotus land from 
    the Weatherlight expansion, which gives you three mana of any
    one color when tapped.

Top five Worst cards:
5. Arcum's Weathervane - Unless you have a card like Drift of the
    Dead in play, this card is completely worthless.
4. City in a Bottle - Not very many people play Arabian Nights, which
    completely eliminates the usefulness of this pathetic card.
3. Krovokian Plague - Why waste away a perfectly good creature
    to deal one measly damage to a target?
2. Akron Legionnaire - Sure, he's powerful at 8/4. But why deny your
    non-artifact creatures the glory of battle.
1. Goblin Artisans - This card just sucks.  Why chance losing an
    artifact just to draw a card? This card is best left out of your deck...
    no, better yet, burn the damned thing!

Best Combos
1. Agonizing Memories and Helm of Obedience
Use Agonizing Memories to put a spell on top of your opponent's 
library with his best creature below it, then use Helm of Obedience to 
snag the creature.

2. Liege of the Hollows and Burnt Offering
Sacrifice Liege of the Hollows to Burnt Offering, then use the red and 
black mana gained to bring the squirrels out of hibernation in droves to 
feed.  Mmmm, fried Liege!

Well, that's it for this week's page.  Check back next week for updates.

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