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Omega Hunter Z: Hey, and welcome to Omega Hunter Z's Maverick Hunter Base. I got a small group of Reploids from my unit to help me run this place. Anyway, in the base, you will find a Magic: the Gathering page, a Mega Man X page, and a Chrono Trigger page. Check back every now and then, updates are common. We also have a rec room, where you can chat with others. See ya!

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The Bio Page
The Magic: the Gathering Area
The Mega Man X Page
The Chrono Trigger Page
Delta Cross and X-Savior's Mega Man X RPG: The Chrono Wars
Top 60 Gaming Sites
Maverick Hunter Unit No. 23 Rec Room

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The Clip Art Universe
This is where I got most of my backgrounds and stuff from. Check it out!

Kris's Kaos My friend Kris Kimbell's page. He's got some good animated GIFs.