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Paladin: Hello, and welcome to the weapons list. As of know, we have a list for Mega Man X1-3, with an upcoming X4 list. Farewell! Mega Man X1 list Mega Man X2 list Mega Man X3 list

The Mega Man X1 list:

Homing Torpedo - basically a homing missile
charged - shoots five flying pirahnas (I know it sounds weird, but it's true)
Boomarang Cutter - shoots a boomerang blade
charged - shoots out four spinning boomerangs, which don't return
Chameleon Sting - shoots a laser out, which splits into three parts
charged - become temporarily invincible
Storm Tornado - shoots a tornado forward, multiple hits possible
charged - shoots a tornado up and down from X
Fire Wall - shoots a flame forward, can be held as long as energy lasts
charged - shoots a flame forward that travels along the ground
Shotgun Ice - shoots a quickly moving piece of ice forward
charged - shoots an ice penguin forward, can be used as "skateboard"
Electric Spark - shoots a slowly moving electric spark
charged - shoots quickly moving electric sparks left and right of X
Rolling Shield - shoots a large ball which rolls along the ground
charged - forms a forcefield around X which stays until an enemy
that takes more than one hit to kill touches X

The Mega Man X2 list:
Sonic Slicer - fires two slicers forward
charged - fires five slicers upward that drop at a certain height
weakness of - Wire Sponge

Strike Chain - fires a chain a short distance forward; can be used as
grappling hook
charged - fires a chain a good distance forward; can be used as
grappling hook
weakness of - Wheel Gator

Spin Wheel - fires a wheel, which rolls along the ground; can be used
as saw
charged - fires a wheel, which explodes and shoots in all
weakness of - Bubble Crab

Bubble Shot - fires bubbles diagonal forward and up
charged - bubbles surround X and act as a shield
weakness of - Flame Stag

Speed Burner - fires speeding flame forward; can't be used underwater
charged - X catches on fire and dashes forward
weakness of - Morph Moth

Silk Shot - fires a ball of junk forward a short distances; shoots in the
diagonal directions on contact
charged - large ball of junk forms on X's arm cannon; when
release Y, junk flies off
weakness of - Magna Centipede

Magnet Mine - shoots a small magnet forward; can be controlled with
up or down
charged - shoots a small black hole forward; can also be
weakness of - Crystal Snail

Crystal Hunter - encases an enemy in crystal
charged - puts the game in slow motion temporarily
weakness of - Overdrive Ostrich

The Mega Man X3 List:

Frost Shield - shoots an ice pick forward; shatters and forms a spike
on contact
charged - forms a shield of ice on X's arm cannon
weakness of - Toxic Seahorse

Acid Burst - shoots a ball of acid a very short distance; splashes on
charged - shoots two balls of bouncing acid forward
weakness of - Tunnel Rhino

Tornado Fang - shoots a drill forward; press Y twice, will shoot 3 in a
vertical formation
charged - a drill forms on X's arm cannon
weakness of - Volt Catfish

Triad Thunder - three triads surround X, shoot lightning between
themselves, then shoot lightning outward (BTW:my favorite
weapon :))
charged - X slams his fist to ground, destroying all non-flying
enemies; two sparks travel along walls and ground (BTW, ignore that last comment, THIS is my favorite!)
weakness of - Crush Crawfish

Spinning Blade - shoots two blades forward, which turn around and
start going backwards and up
charged - shoots a large blade forward, attached to X's arm
cannon by a rope
weakness of - Neon Tiger

Ray Splasher - shoots a lot of bullets in all directions in front of X
charged - shoots a machine into the air, which shoots in all
directions; explodes after 5 seconds
weakness of - Gravity Beetle

Gravity Well - shoots out a black hole, destroying all onscreen
charged - reverses gravity, carrying away all onscreen enemies
weakness of - Blast Hornet

Parasitic Bomb - latches onto an enemy, either draining it energy or
throwing it at another enemy, killing them both!
charged - bull's eyes surround X. Whenever an enemy is near,
a bull's eye goes for them and X shoots a hornet at the
weakness of - Blizzard Buffalo

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