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Paladin: Greetings. Commander Omega has placed me in charge of this page, in which he thanks those that have helped this page along. An asterisk (*) after the name indicates someone who Omega would like to specially thank. Omega also instructed me to place his name in areas that he did, so as not to make you think that he would like to thank no one for that particular area.

Inspiration: Mandi Paugh*, Girl Wonder, ZeroX Gold

16 Bit Sprites: Auto*, Omega Hunter Z

Mega Man X style sprites: ZeroX Gold*, Omega Hunter Z

MIDIs: Maelgrim*,

WAVs: Mandi Paugh, Omega Hunter Z

Banners: Omega Hunter Z

Links: any who submitted

If I forgot anyone, tell me, and I'll place your name here.

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