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Alpha Hunter X: Hey. This is the links section of the base. Each section has a different ratings system (the sprite permission stays consistent), but all are based on this:

Could use work: lot of broken links, broken images, not much content, bad HTML design, etc., etc.

Decent: a few broken links, broken images, a good bit of content, decent HTML design

Pretty good!: no broken links or images, a lot of content, good HTML design

The ULTIMATE!: no broken links or images, a LOT of content, awesome HTML design
Sprites: has permission to use my sprites

On to the links!

Mega Man/Mega Man X Links
Pretty straightforward: anything that has to do with the Mega Man or Mega Man X series.

RPG Links
This area has links to sites that have info on any video game RPG, not just Chrono Trigger.

Other Links
Here are other links, mainly links to my friends' sites.

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